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Since commencing business activities, CEYLON TEA MARKETING (PVT)LTD. has always strived to achieve excellence in every aspect of it’s outlook.Tea has become an  essential beverage in everybody's  life in the new millenium. It has proved that none can spend a day without having a cup of tea. We are geared to  take on new challenges into the future with the continuing sincerity of our loyal and  dedicated work force, to give that cuppa of Pure Ceylon Tea to the world,with unmatched dignity and integrity. The knowledge and the expertise we possess have enabled us to maintain stringent quality system in our state-of-the-art tea packaging plant situated in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. Our quality 
products are certified under ISO 9001 and HACCP  Ceylon Tea Marketing (Pvt.)Ltd. and the group has been satisfying tea drinkers around the world exporting pure Ceylon Tea from Sri Lanka. The Company was founded in February 1980 as exporter of Pure Ceylon Tea in bulks, tea bags, metal and ceramic caddies and various other gift packs. Our Distinctive range of Superfine teas have  earned reputation world over.
CTM TEA BRINGS EXCLUSIVELY TO YOU. The company’s exports to overseas markets have created a myriad number of pathways to many tea drinking destinations throughout the Globe. Connoisseurs of tea in countries as far apart as Egypt, Germany, Hong Kong, Middle Eastern Countries,USA and Europe continue to demand and receive the finest quality tea. To fulfill the worldwide thirst for quality and variety, CTM will continue to develop and introduce new blends and products to satisfy the palates of discerning tea drinkers the world over. We will maintain an open mindset and communication channel to maximize creativity that leads to innovative solutions and ideas. In addition, on top of expertise and confidence, we will emphasize passion that will lead to the achievement of our defiant objectives.Challenge represents the consistent will for change and improvisation for the surrounding volatile environment. The increasingly fierce global market environment calls for a more aggressive challenge amongst its members to achieve objectives. Dedication : value the relations to the utmost with our company, clients and customers and exert our best for the greater goal.“Dedication is achieved through aligning each individual goal with the corporate goal. This means that each member put the long-term common goal first to achieve the corporate goal and vision.


自从创立CEYLON TEA MARKETING (PVT)LTD,本公司一直致力于实现卓越红茶,尤其是在每一个制作细节和环节。茶已成为每个人的生活中不可或缺的饮料。事实证明,现今没有人在一天时间里,一杯茶不饮用。 在这样的一个新纪年,我们用真诚而敬业的精神和工作态度去接受这样一个新机遇的挑战,让我们的锡兰红茶在世界茶叶界中更加知名,具有无与伦比的竞争力;我们拥有专业的知识和对于茶叶的工艺,这是保障我们茶叶质量的最重要因素; CEYLON TEA MARKETING(PVT)LTD 我们的一体化茶叶制造工厂位于斯里兰卡的首都,我们的质量产品是根据ISO9001和HACCP认证
Ceylon Tea Marketing (Pvt.)Ltd.集团已经从斯里兰卡出口纯锡兰红茶到了世界各国的茶叶。本公司成立于1980年2月,主要以纯锡兰红茶的出口散货,茶叶袋,金属和陶瓷球童和其他各种礼品包。我们独特的超细茶已经赢得很好的声誉在世界各地。 该公司的产品出口到海外市场,创造出无数,数量众多饮茶目的地遍布全球。茶叶中的国家鉴赏家,远至埃及,德国,香港,中东国家,美国和欧洲等都要求需求斯里兰卡的顶级茶叶。为了满足世界各地的渴求质量和品种,CTM将继续开发和引进新共混物和产品,以满足在世界各地挑剔的茶客的口味。我们将保持一个开放的沟通方式和渠道,最大限度的提供创新思维和解决方式。此外,在专业知识和信心之上,我们将更加激情,实现我们目标.。挑战代表一致意愿的变化和即兴周围不稳定的环境;在日益激烈的全球市场环境,要求成员之间更积极的挑战,实现目标。奉献:值关系最大与我公司,客户和消费者,发挥我们最好的更大的目标。“奉献是通过与企业目标对准每一个人的目标实现。“这意味着,每个成员把长远的共同目标设立为实现企业目标和愿景。

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